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Alternative for coffee – Yerba Mate

Okay for starters i will tell You shortly how did i find out about Yerba Mate.

This people made decent promotion for it on-line. You were registering a site in their system, then if they liked it [speaking shortly hand to be good service with decent content] they ask You to place 2 links to their shop and forum on index site, then they send You a packet with 1kg of Yerba Mate and a cup. Because im lazy i been waiting long time, and cups ended in promotion. But! To make up the cups loss they decided to give better Yerba so i got – La Merced. This one is suspossed to be one of best kinds of classical tea of this type. And You know what? I really loved it.

Because we are giving also e-promotion hints let me speak here a bit of their idea. If You are not interested skip to next paragraph to find out more about Yerba Mate itsself. So, they sent to at least 100 sites free tea. Each packet costed them around 50$. For that they got site seo positioned from good content and popular pages, everybody spoke about their funky promotion [so the news spread for free] and most of people who got it loved it so much that they spread info about it to their friends and became customers themselves. Simple and cheap right?

Okay let me tell whats special about this tea.
– wakes you up naturally,
– gives energy,
– makes you less wasted aka sustains energy levels,
– makes you stronger, and less exposed to viruses
– stops hunger
– makes you calm and less nervous,
– helps relieve allergies
– detoxifies the blood

You drink it from special gourd used a straw called bombilla (it has special filter so you wont eat teas leafes).
For coffee lovers like myself, it is a good addon to be able to get some more energy and be able to make more sites to make money and visit more parties on weekends to spend em. To see this pictures larger, click on them.

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You want to become pro blogger?

Many people this days want to become ones – the professional bloggers. I am not writing here about myself, because i am not putting any informations about my pages, services nor numeruos of them. The only thing i can say is that i wouldnt make good cash from just one blog.

I do blog alot, and on many various topics. I also make services filled by others so then they are fresh and up-to-date. One blog about blogging wouldnt make me cash. I just decided to start this one to maybe help some
new comers.

The main thing is to invest as little as possible on start. And here i will tell You something that others dont say.
The best is to get Your own domain yes .com .net etc. This is the little You have to pay, but it will pay back.
Even if You decide to stop blogging, You can always sell the domain and get some cash.

Okay so You got domain now where to put blog? You need to pay more? No. There is really many services parking Your domain for free, and giving You some bw/space/mysql on their servers. Why to pay if You dont know how much can You earn and is it worth it? Browse throught all of them and find best ones. You can find there firms that only ask You for 1 link to their site, or sometimes even pages that want nothing but get cash from error messages where they spot ads. It is all about research, im just saying it is possible.

In worst case You can just redirect Your domain to blogspot. It offers this service now and the good thing is, it will index Your site to google very fast.

After You do this, You need to make blog working. I suggest installing wordpress. After You do that get some free template that suits You and
armor it with plugins. I personally suggest AdSense injection [for google and yahoo users to place ads],
HeadSpace [to make meta descriptions], SubmitIt [to let Your users add bookmakrs to most popular services-btw if You like this post do it also by clicking below!], google-sitemap-generator [generates sitemaps and notifies google,yahoo etc about updates]. There is bunch of other plugins all depends what You need.

Also put on some statistics on site. I do not suggest Analytics tho. But maybe i will write about this next time.

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