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Jan 20, 2019 Posted in Fun by admin

Girls and alcohol

People say i put here only SEO and hardware problems solutions and there was no element of humor since log time. There You go.

girl after alcohol

Are You still sure You want to find girlfriend in a bar ?

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Jan 19, 2019 Posted in Adsense by admin

Top Paid Adsense Keywords for 2009

Since last year i posted decent and 100% working and verified list of best highest paid keywords a lot of people were sending me e-mails asking when will i give new ones.

You have to understand that checking which keywords are highest and top paid is not easy and needs lots of skills and verifications.

As every year i give You verified list of top paid Adsense keywords.

This year it seems the best ones for CPC programs will be the following:

College Loans Consolidation

Missouri Mesothelioma Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyer Ney York

Donate Car Las Vegas

Surrendering Endowment Policies

Consolidation Student Loans

Pop Up Displays

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation

Incorporating A Business In Florida

Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles


No Win No Fee Solicitor

What is my comment? It seems not that much changed since last year, maybe only that mesothelioma got way lower paid than  student and college loans, and donating cars and injury lawyers got on very high postions with concret cities.

The totally new [so probably worth making site with them] best highest paid adsense keywords are: No Win No Fee Soliciton, Pop Up Displays and Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation. I assume this year we will have loads of sites with those so if You read this i suggest to start SEO sites with those.

Leave comments or questions here as usual. I will try to answer ASAP.

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