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Nov 27, 2018 Posted in Fun by admin

11 reasons why girlfriend is better than computer

This is not Dating Agencys or Dating Match advertisment. I just lately read a funny post about why it is better to have computer than girlfriend. Well, so the blog is not fully nerd-geek type let`s hit the other side! I choosen number 11 because theres always 10 reasons. Let`s be original!

1. You can`t make computer naked. And even if You can, it surely won`t turn You on sexually.
2. Computer won`t make You dinner and won`t bring You beer.
3. You don`t need to wear glasses to look at the girlfriend and have any use of her.
4. If there is no electricity – girlfriend still works.
5. You can pure Whiskey on her and then lick it. With computer it might be problematic.

6. If You go with girlfriend to cinema and pay more attention to her than the movie nobodys gonna be saying that something is wrong with You.
7. If You speak about girl all the time ? You are lame. Still less lame than the ones speaking 24/7 about computers.
8. If You cheat on Your computer with another one ? there is no adrenaline or feeling of anything special. If You do that to girlfriend ? this is when fun part starts.

9. You have to upgrade computer from time to time and pay money for that. Girls You change for free.
10. Computer can`t call other computers to come around and have fun in bed.
11. Computer can memorize too much stuff that You rather want to be forgotten.

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11 Responses to “11 reasons why girlfriend is better than computer”

  1. a nerd

    1. No, you can’t, but you can watch porn and/or play “adult games”
    2. But you can order pizza online and what other food do you need?
    3. You don’t need to wear glasses to look at a computer either!
    4. Computer batteries exist that run 1000 watts for 12hrs – it’s just a matter of how nerdy you are!
    5. As a gamer, i despise alcohol because it slows my reflexes, so why would I be concerned?
    6. With a computer you don’t even NEED to go to the cinema, you can just watch it on Youtube or torrent it!
    7.People don’t think I’m lame when I speak about computers all the time – it all depends on who you’re talking to. If it’s some technologically inept person, they’ll listen and think you’re insanely smart even if you don’t say anything important.
    8. If you cheat on a computer, you don’t get STD’s. Also, you can have more than one and still not be a mormon.
    9. Think about how much money you’d spend on dating and gifts alone!
    10. Why have “fun in bed” if I’m up all night watching porn?
    11. Girls do that too, but you can’t just wipe the hard drive!

  2. scuzzell

    ^ Ha! I like the response much better than the OP ^

    Except #10 : 2 Girls > 1 Computer any day. 😉

  3. Dawn

    11 Reasons why a computer is better than a boyfriend

    1. If the hard drive isn?t big enough, you don?t have to assure the computer that it doesn?t really matter and what really matters is how it uses the hard drive. You just install a bigger hard drive. A much bigger hard drive.
    2. If your computer catches a virus, you don?t have to go to the gynecologist to get tested.
    3. If you talk about computers 24/7, a lot of guys will enjoy talking to you about them and also think you?re hot. If you talk about your boyfriend 24/7, then guys won?t talk to you at all.
    4. A computer will never suggest you get breast implants. All the silicon in the relationship is in the computer, not your tits.
    5. A computer will never ask you to go get it a beer, In fact, a computer doesn?t drink beer at all. More beer for you! Hooray!
    6. You can use your computer to Photoshop out all those photos in which you look fantastic, but are standing next to a jerk you?ve long since dumped.
    7. A computer will never pull the blankets over your head and pass gas.
    8. A computer will help you shop. A boyfriend will just complain about shopping.
    9. A boyfriend will forget your anniversary. A computer will remind you.
    10. A computer will never request a blow job and then refuse to reciprocate.
    11. If your computer hooks up with another computer, it?s not cheating, it?s networking.

  4. admin

    haha well. nice creativity people!

  5. Youngoat

    Hi, would you mind that I translated this article into chinese and published it on my blog?

  6. Sheree Motiska

    Awesome Dawn, well said.


  7. Benny

    Haha… funny but damn true.

  8. funny stories

    Oh thats grate girlfriend is always better than computer thats funny but 100% true…..

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    Ha! Easily one of the best things I’ve read all day. Thanks!

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