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30 highest paid keywords in adsense for 2008

Google Adsense is surely great program to make m,oney over the web. Payings are dependant on content of Your site thought. Not all pay same or even similar. With this list of best paid keywords i give You some hints on what might be worth getting interested in.

Here it goes:

College Loans Consolidation
Endowment Policy Sales
San Francisco Auto Accident Attorneys
Missouri Mesothelioma Lawyers
School Loans Consolidation
Free iPOD Online
Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer
Surrendering Endowment Policies
Donate Car California
Student Loan Debt Consolidation
No Win No Fee Solicitors
College Loan Consolidation
Loan Consolidation College
Bank Of America Home Equity Loan
Cashing In Endowments
Online Car Insurance Quotes
Car Insurance Online Quotes
Endowment Purchase
Online Student Loan Consolidation
Pop Up Displays
California Lemon Laws
Nationwide Insurance Quote
Best Refinance Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Refinance Best Rates
Best Mortgage Refinance Rates
Accident Helpline
Lenders Tree
Acorn Stair Lifts
Ambulance Billing
Secure Loans Uk
Online Future Broker
Dwi Attorney

Small comment. Still the on-line things for lazy people who dont want to go out of home are high paid.
And small summary for the ones too busy to read this list: mortgages on houses, student loands, car insurances is things that are still high paid. The interesting this is that mesothelioma gone really average on pays from what i heard and is no longer on list.
Worth noticing is also that keywords like viagra or tremendol are also very high paid, but using this trademarks in many countries is not allowed so i suggest you to not make pages of this kind – that is why i did not put in on the list.
I want to add nothing on this list is 100%, an im not makin up things like people who write on their pages that after research they found it, each click is worth 60$. Because this is silly.
Enjoy, and leave comment if You found my list any usefull or interesting.

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  1. John Masters

    Once again I have found a good post of yours

  2. Chad

    Very usefull you will see some blogs coming up with these keywords I promise

  3. Brenda

    I enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming

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  5. Ken | Student Loan Consolidation Info

    I hope you are right with this list…maybe I’ll make a few bucks. The problem with these keywords is that they are very competitive, so it’s not likely anyone will create a website that will shoot to the top for any of them. These words will all take a lot of work and time to rank well.

  6. admin

    Yes nobody said it was easy. You will have to link much and advertise the site in right places. But when your visitors come, it will surely pay. Good luck!

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  9. Mary

    I stumbled here by accident but will stick around!

  10. Tip Diva

    Thank you for submitting your post to Carnival of Tips!

    Interesting post. Since you’ve had this up for a few days, and the Google Adsense on this page matches a lot of what you’ve covered in the post, how has your Adsense revenue fared?

  11. Car Specs

    Thanks for the list, pretty useful.

  12. donna

    nice one…will give it a shot on my own blogs too

  13. David at AffiliateDragon.com

    Excellent post, I came here via ProBlogger. I am sure ann influx of blogs built around these subjects will be online very soon! Keep up the good work!

  14. prem

    Thanks a lot for the list of keywords. can you tell me whether it is possible to get keyword list country wise ?


  15. elearning

    Thanks alot for this great list.

    I’ll try to involve all of them in my site.

  16. kipram

    Wow $60 each click, it nice info for me. thank you

  17. no win no fee solicitors

    great tips. I enjoyed reading this

  18. Janek

    yes mesothelioma is droped they pay 9c for click lol
    nice post m8 will add to fav

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  20. Prahmajankaya

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  21. rental insurance

    thank you very much … i’ve been search about this HPH(High Paying Keyword) and i found you & you give me for free

    keep up your good posting, GBU

  22. Antique Ring

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  23. hulagurl

    Yea you are absolutely right. But the thing is that these keywords are really boring. I mean who would like to write on such topics.Nobody has enough information to write comprehensively on these keywords. So how do people like me add such keywords in their website:(:(.

  24. Mohan

    Good information on high payed keyword list. Useful for webmasters like me.

  25. missionmba

    60 dollars per click!!! 😮
    The max that I have got is a 1.4 dollar-click. The rest have been in cents. 🙁

  26. Raphnexx SEO internet maketer

    This is great…with one click ,I’ll have more earnings in my paypal.wow.Thanks pal

  27. bunkbed

    Great Deal!! Good Information.

  28. Cathryn

    i use Adsense on my blogs and websites, i can say that Adsense is the best make money online program on the internet.

  29. Students Consolidation Loans

    I use adsense on my sites also and find that student consolidation loans are quite lucrative. Thanks for the list!

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