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How to Install D-Link dongle on MacOSX or MacMini

So i encouered this problem with my macmini that couldnt find my wifi network at home. I thought i will try to connect some USB antenne and i had D-Link DWA-125 so decided to try. It wasnt as simple as just installation. To not make it longer here is how to install D-Link dongle on OSX [SnowLeopard – Lion is not possible for now].
osx installation of dlink dongle1. Download drivers from official D-link site: http://www.dlink.com/ choose DWA-125 or your wifi adapter
2. Restart
3. Download USB(RT2870/RT2770/RT3X7X/RT537X) from http://www.ralinktech.com/en/04_support/support.php?sn=502
4. Restart, put Wifi D-link adapter/dongle in.
Done – fixed 😉

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Ipad Doesnt Turn on – How to Fix Freezed Ipad

Okay ive lately bought Apple`s Ipad, just after 24h it feezed and ipad didnt want to turn on.Just plain blank screen.



How to Fix Ipad

Ipad Reset after no response


Plugging ipad into PC with Itunes didnt help.

Trying to charge Ipad didnt help.

Trying to click buttons on Ipad didnt help.

The answer is easy as usual:

Put the Ipad to charger and then press both Ipad`s Menu and Hold button for 10 seconds. This will reset Ipad and it will work again.

After Ipad works uninstall latest installed application – its prolly the one that made Ipad not turn on nor respond to anything. And thats the fix for problems with Ipad!

Happy Xmas and New Year!

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