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30 highest paid keywords in adsense for 2008

Google Adsense is surely great program to make m,oney over the web. Payings are dependant on content of Your site thought. Not all pay same or even similar. With this list of best paid keywords i give You some hints on what might be worth getting interested in.

Here it goes:

College Loans Consolidation
Endowment Policy Sales
San Francisco Auto Accident Attorneys
Missouri Mesothelioma Lawyers
School Loans Consolidation
Free iPOD Online
Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer
Surrendering Endowment Policies
Donate Car California
Student Loan Debt Consolidation
No Win No Fee Solicitors
College Loan Consolidation
Loan Consolidation College
Bank Of America Home Equity Loan
Cashing In Endowments
Online Car Insurance Quotes
Car Insurance Online Quotes
Endowment Purchase
Online Student Loan Consolidation
Pop Up Displays
California Lemon Laws
Nationwide Insurance Quote
Best Refinance Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Refinance Best Rates
Best Mortgage Refinance Rates
Accident Helpline
Lenders Tree
Acorn Stair Lifts
Ambulance Billing
Secure Loans Uk
Online Future Broker
Dwi Attorney

Small comment. Still the on-line things for lazy people who dont want to go out of home are high paid.
And small summary for the ones too busy to read this list: mortgages on houses, student loands, car insurances is things that are still high paid. The interesting this is that mesothelioma gone really average on pays from what i heard and is no longer on list.
Worth noticing is also that keywords like viagra or tremendol are also very high paid, but using this trademarks in many countries is not allowed so i suggest you to not make pages of this kind – that is why i did not put in on the list.
I want to add nothing on this list is 100%, an im not makin up things like people who write on their pages that after research they found it, each click is worth 60$. Because this is silly.
Enjoy, and leave comment if You found my list any usefull or interesting.

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How to find out if site was banned by google ?

Lately lots of people keep searching for informations on how to find out if domain was banned by google, blog was banned in google or site was banned in search engine.
Usually the thing that happends is not a ban but the famous google sandbox.

For the starters – it is not easy to tell if the site was banned by google and how to deal with it.

If the blog/page is new then many things may occur.

Site may get indexed with 1 page and then deindexed the next day – thats usual google dance, doesnt mean sandbox nor ban in search engine.
If you enter google webmaster tools try to add your new/banned domain. The hints that may say the site is banned, not not indexed is when it shows:

Googlebot has successfully accessed your home page
No pages from your site are currently included in Google’s index. Indexing can take time. You may find it helpful to review our information for webmasters and webmaster guidelines.

Then you can submit the sitemap and get such text:

You have recently submitted one or more Sitemaps for this site. Processing Sitemaps may take some time. Check again later to see if pages from your Sitemaps are included in Google’s index.

If after verification blog or website is still no indexed by googlebot it means you are propably banned by google.

Other way of checking sandbox or ban is to look at site:yousite in google. If the main page of yours is not indexed, the domain is probably sandboxed.
Sam trick goes if you type as search command “yousite”. If it doesnt show up as first in serp that means you are probably banned or sandboxed in google.
try using webmaster tools and ask for reindexation.
Then you will get such info in messages:

We’ve received a request from a site owner to reconsider how we index the following site:
We’ll review the site. If we find that it’s no longer in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines, we’ll reconsider our indexing of the site. Please allow several weeks for the reconsideration request. We do review all requests, but unfortunately we can’t reply individually to each request.

That actualyl doesnt mean it were violating before, it just means they will reconsider it and from #1 they think it was spammy so got delated.

Here on simple video tutorial you can see how to ask for reindexation of site in google

And i really suggest you to not use any tools online that check if the site was banned. They dont work and the only thing they can bring is ask 3445435345 times for site:yoursite and make you really sandboxed in google.
here is what they answer [the obvious]:

The domain name has no PageRank value, it is LIKELY to be banned.
The domain name has no records with Google. It is either new or MAY BE banned.

Hope this explains how to determine if your site was banned in google.

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