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13 sites to be used on valentines day 2008

Valentines 2008 is coming, some of us are happy some are not. Either way it is like xmas or new years party, you have to do some things that world demands. Your email is gettin spammed with presents offerts known as valentines gifts, everywhere you see advertisments of products and if you dont tell the one you love that you love her(possibly him) on this day, it surely wont end well (actually i broke up with one of my woman at 14th february some years ago). Anyways. You are looking for valentines gift ideas? Here is list of 13 (the number is not mistake) usefull sites that may save you some trouble. All of them dont need any registrations or anything else, like huge payments. Fully free to use.

Valentine is here at 14 july.

Lets go!

1. http://vd.meish.org/ – here we got some e-cards for valentines day. Less usual and boring than we are used to.

2. http://blackdog4kids.com/valentine – here you can make personalised image for valentines, download it and put on your website in
email or so

buy expensive gifts

3. http://blackdog4kids.com/cgi-bin/story/ – here just type in name of yours and your love, click
and you have “unique” story about your relationship

4. http://blackdog4kids.com/holiday/valentine/cards-lang/ – this site will help all lazy people, just fill in folds and you have unique love postcard ready to be printed or emailed

5. http://www.paperboy.nl/write message, write down its url and send to your love!

6. http://www.lovecalculator.com/ – if you have few partners and you are not sure which one should spent valentines with you, calculate that here !

7. http://www.flowers2mail.com/ – we know girls love flowers. Be creative make your buquette here and send it to her by email!

8. http://www.weirdtown.com/ – send personalised valentines day e-card to your beloved!

valentine breaks

9. http://www.weirdtown.com/ecards/ – e-card too boring? Send her an ice-cream that you design.

10. http://www.talkintoons.com/ – e-cards too oldschool and boring? send her flash animation with love text!

11. http://www.mailfreezr.com/ – you are in love and you think it will last forever? Freeze your message here and send to your beloved in few years. We will see whos gonna laugh!

12. http://www.getthemessage.net/ – this is rather for women to send it to their men [especially soldiers]. Nice movie-designed personal message delivered by military forces.

13. http://www.pakin.org/complaint/ – if you decided you dont like your partner but dont know how to use proper words to describe it – here they are. Fill in forms and send!

So what is better our 13 websites or highly paid valentines day restaurant dinner or buying expensive gifts? If you have any other usefull and nonusual sites feel free to share them, by commenting.
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Alternative for coffee – Yerba Mate

Okay for starters i will tell You shortly how did i find out about Yerba Mate.

This people made decent promotion for it on-line. You were registering a site in their system, then if they liked it [speaking shortly hand to be good service with decent content] they ask You to place 2 links to their shop and forum on index site, then they send You a packet with 1kg of Yerba Mate and a cup. Because im lazy i been waiting long time, and cups ended in promotion. But! To make up the cups loss they decided to give better Yerba so i got – La Merced. This one is suspossed to be one of best kinds of classical tea of this type. And You know what? I really loved it.

Because we are giving also e-promotion hints let me speak here a bit of their idea. If You are not interested skip to next paragraph to find out more about Yerba Mate itsself. So, they sent to at least 100 sites free tea. Each packet costed them around 50$. For that they got site seo positioned from good content and popular pages, everybody spoke about their funky promotion [so the news spread for free] and most of people who got it loved it so much that they spread info about it to their friends and became customers themselves. Simple and cheap right?

Okay let me tell whats special about this tea.
– wakes you up naturally,
– gives energy,
– makes you less wasted aka sustains energy levels,
– makes you stronger, and less exposed to viruses
– stops hunger
– makes you calm and less nervous,
– helps relieve allergies
– detoxifies the blood

You drink it from special gourd used a straw called bombilla (it has special filter so you wont eat teas leafes).
For coffee lovers like myself, it is a good addon to be able to get some more energy and be able to make more sites to make money and visit more parties on weekends to spend em. To see this pictures larger, click on them.

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