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More blog traffic tips – changes on page.

Okay i wasnt working much on this blog lately due to lots of work. I decided to update it a little bit and put more usefull stuff and accurate SEO/SEM & blog tips articles. There will be also a bit more of black hat techniques. Hope it gets more interesting.

For the starters, since now this is  DoFollow Blog. That means if You comment here any of mine articles [or commented previously] You are getting free backlink PageRank3 site – that is status of this page. That means it preety worth to comment since You site gets better SEO position then. Put accurente comments and i will not care if You link to private site or cloaked autoblog 😉 Auto spammers will be perm banned tho.

I also added Blogging Tips RSS Feed link, so now You can subscribe and read new posts daily.

On the end of every post Yu can find also PayPal donate button. Now if You just feel good or feel like this page helped You.. You can buy me a beer. It is virtual but i promise to make it real. I will also make a static page with people who made donation and links to their pages, that will stay here forever.

The next new thing is i decided to work with new affiliate that has just decent promotions for webhosting at the moment. If You were wondering where to get good place for all Your blogs, websites, forums or what ever else just try them – with such money You won`t find better offer and servers have 99,9% uptime.
UNLIMITED storage bandwidth for $4.95/mo!

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SEO trick explanation

Okay okay do not get mad. A lot of people got mad for my little experiment that i made officialy to write a little about it.

Under this link ive put a walkthrough for game Crysis Warhead [new episode of this decent FPS series].

http://glowicki.pl/09/30/crysis-warhead-walkthrough-crysis-warhead-faq-crysis-warhead-game-guide/  Check.

There is obviously no guide there but for some reason a lot of spam blogs took my content automatically and [hopefully] linked me for a text source. People were entering their highly positioned blogs, finding no info so they were going to source – Blogging Tips website !

So for few days i had around 2000 extra UU visits on page just because of spam sites scraping the content. Aint that funny? Free traffic from highly positioned spam sites.

Because i did it for fun and experiment i let people comment the ‘crysis guide’ with all the insults. I just find it funny.

That is how to bring free traffic to your blog.

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