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Nov 12, 2018 Posted in iMAC Errors by admin

Ipad Doesnt Turn on – How to Fix Freezed Ipad

Okay ive lately bought Apple`s Ipad, just after 24h it feezed and ipad didnt want to turn on.Just plain blank screen.



How to Fix Ipad

Ipad Reset after no response


Plugging ipad into PC with Itunes didnt help.

Trying to charge Ipad didnt help.

Trying to click buttons on Ipad didnt help.

The answer is easy as usual:

Put the Ipad to charger and then press both Ipad`s Menu and Hold button for 10 seconds. This will reset Ipad and it will work again.

After Ipad works uninstall latest installed application – its prolly the one that made Ipad not turn on nor respond to anything. And thats the fix for problems with Ipad!

Happy Xmas and New Year!

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Nov 11, 2018 Posted in Playstation 3 Errors >Uncategorized by admin

PS3 error 80710723 and Playstation 3 8013013d wireless problem

Okay long time no posts.. Oh well i decided to make this blog less SEO and more TECH aka fixing problems. Im really happy when people ready my windows guides and even Microsoft links to me as an authority 😉
This time we will fix 2 network problems with Sony PlayStation 3.

PS3 8013013d error while connecting to internet

This silly problem will make Your playstation to not be able to connect to router and get internet. You wont be able to connect to playstation network nor anything. The fix? Simple as usual – change WPA-TSK encryption to WEP. For some reason WPA-TSK fails with PS# and most routers.

Problems With PS3 Net Connection

PS3 error 80710723 while downloading

When You try to download files/updates with PS3, sign in to PSN network or update game files this will occur and stop the download. Fix of this PS3 error? DISABLE the “Media Server Connection” under Network setting. Simple as that, and may really piss off!

ps3 error

Problems With PS3 Net Connection

As usual simple playstation3 net and router errors may be fixed easily..

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