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Free Cloaking Script – A bit of Black Hat SEO

Okay people were writing to me saying there is not enough Black Hat tricks on site and too much usual White SEO.

That might be right, so lets fix it. And be sure – i have one bomb to come. Very big post on something i quit using but which generates loads of traffic.

Anyways for today i brang the cloaking script. But for starters lets explain a bit what is what.

Black Hat SEO –   techniques that are used in an unethical manner to get higher search rankings . This includes mainly breaking rules of search engines, make specialy converted websites without real informations but full of ads or make sites content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users. And thats it more or less.

Cloaking – a website that returns altered webpages to search engines crawling the site. So a human reading the site would see different content or information than the search engine robot reading the site. Most of the time, cloaking is implemented in order to improve search engine ranking by misleading the search engine robot into thinking the content on the page is different than it really is.

All BH SEO masters do that because You can make easy cash fast. Real fast, real cash.

Okay so here is some free cloaking script on user agent. That means after checking the user agent of ‘person’ connecting to site, it moves him to either ‘real website’ or site full of ads or redirects to partners page.

I also have to say i am not author of it. Since its free and verified by me i decided i will share.

$clientip = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’];
// find out the domain:
$domain = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’];
// find out the path to the current file:
$path = $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’];
// put it all together:
$url = “http://” . $domain . $path;

$redirect = “http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com”;

$agent = “Rabbit Fire Storm”.strtolower($HTTP_USER_AGENT);

if(strpos($agent, “google”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “altavista”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “msn”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “slurp”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “lycos”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “teoma”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “yahoo”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “slurp”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “rss”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “scooter”) != “”){
$search = “1”;
if(strpos($agent, “bot”) != “”){
$search = “1”;

if($search == “1”){
} else{
header(“Location: $redirect”);


Okay i need to say this is simple script. But pepople who seek for such scripts are usually not super-power coders [since then they wopuldnt need to seek for script]. So thats it. It has some leaks [needs maybe ip verification etc]. Also the list of robots is not fully up to date. You need to seek for newer ones all the time, since it changes.

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Add URL Submit Site to Search Engines FREE

Want to add URL for free to many search engines around the world? There we go!
Here is a list of pages to click to be directed straight to add url spots. I didnt put most popular search engines because they are obvious and You probably sent crawl request to them already.
So lets start getting some quality visitors from catalogues now, but before You go insane and add information about your site to all of them here is few seo tips which will help You to gain better traffic.
1. If You are a new blog/domain do not submit site to all of directorys/engines that i put below. Google algorytm will notice too many back links gained in too short time and simply “think” You blog is a spam.
So just submit to 3 first day, 5 two days later etc. Put this site in Your favorites or simply write down the adresses of submit spots in Your notebook.
2. To avoid writing 100 times the same things, make a file in Your notepad with this infos:
Website name (do not make it too long):
Short description (-50 signs):
Long Description (-100 signs):
Email (has to be real, because here some verifications may come, but spam may come later on also i suggest to add some box that You use rarely):
Name (Your name):
You can also add to this adress/telephone because it is needed in some places, but most ignore it knowing that everybody gives fake informations.
3. I suggest to sometimes change some words in description or site title. It will stop dublicate content and make You listed better.
4. Dont use any auto-adder scripts. Wrong use of them or using wrong ones can make You banned or suplemented. Better get added to 3 places a day and go slowly but constantly up then raise fast and be buried even faster.

That would be it now just click on links below. I added engines from many countries, if some of them have difficulties in beein used i put hints. All sites here are FREE and you dont need to make any account on them!
If anything changes please write post here so i update the list. No reciprocal also.

What U Seek add site (this takes really long)
The Search Engine submit url
Should Search add url
Splat Search crawl page (without http://)
Web E Squash submit site
Un Asked add site
Homer Web crawl page
Evisium submit url
Dino Search add my page (for kids, no adult content)
Search Ramp add website
Walhello suggest url (browse down the page)
Search the Web add site
MixCat add website
Search Warp suggest page
Igwanna submit free
Best Yellow add site
Beamed submit website to engine
Scrub The Web add url (1 submission every 24h)
Are Search Guide seo your site
MSN addurl submit site
Gigablast submit_url
Hot Launch add url
Big Finder add my site
Jayde submit url for free (look on top of page)
Burf add site
Cipinet crawl
Susy addsite
JDGO addurl
Sohu add site (chinesse, title:url:section:description:email:keywords)
Baidu chinesse place to add add site (write code and click button nexxto)
Z Hongsou add site to chinesse directory
ODCN another chinesse search engineto add website
Netsprint add url to polish engine

List took me some time. But all is human-verified 100%. I persoanlly got it now in bookmarks to use when i get make page. If You like it and find it usable leave note or show love in other ways like link me back, digg or whatever else You want. Links below may help You.

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