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Cyberslacking tools on-line

So what is cyberslacking ? Cyberslacking meaning? Or definition?

It is a new form of goldbricking, which in in today’s terms, refers to staff who use their work internet access for personal reasons while maintaining the appearance of working. – That is what wikipedia says.
In current world everything changes so now this kind of action while beeing in bureu is called cyberslacking (sometimes also cyberloafing or cyberbludging).
Speaking shortly people doin it, instead of working properly, tend to work while they are playing or browsing some sites – forums, portals, community services etc.

Well, thats life. Owners of companies try to stop such activities and make you work. Hopefully we come with this post, thats will give you few cyberslacking tools so you can work less and have more entertaiment at work.
Speaking shortly we will tell You what to do, to skip some limitations on your computer that boss made or the IT staff.

For starters some most popular sites might be blocked. That is easy to skip, just use proxy. I suggest this one for now: http://ProxBrowse.com
It is pretty new, and works stabile for now. If not search for some others – there is a lot of this stuff online. Watch out tho, most block graphic and scripts so many sites may not work properly.

Lets get into more special things tho, proxy is obvious for all slackers!

http://www.meebo.com/ is a decent spot that lets you log in to all your favorite communicator networks without any installs. Now even with blocked computer or ports for such services you can talk to people all day long!

http://www.unzip.co.nr/ this tool is decent. If you get any .zip .rar or whatever files to have fun with [for example with ebooks] but cant unpack them nor install winrar.. Just use this site and it will do it for you. Fast, free and simple. Extract .zip .rar online

http://Updating.me this is a simple service that allows you to update your status on multiple sites from one place, speaking shortly all your community services may have its HQ here.. then you can allow people to see you are online and cyberslacking ready!

http://FeedMyInbox.com lets you get all your favorites sites RSS to be sent on your email. Then even if you cant browse sites at work you will be reading news on email. Also it will look like you are emailing with clients hard. Thats just decent.

http://WebToMail.co.cc thats great thing if proxy doesn`t work. Simply enter urls of sites you want to read, and service will send them to you on email! Typing in urls also takes some time – so you have less time for working then. Good one! Email websites to yourself.

Speaking of email. I do not suggest using your e-mail from work, use gmail. It is decent for slacking. Get account here. http://www.gmail.com.
Gmail has messanger inside so you can chat to people, gmail allows you to open .doc .pdf documents in browser so nobody sees what you have there and then.. You can simple read ebooks all day long. Isnt that cool?
Just send yourself each morning big .zip of books, unpack them with tool we spoke of here and open with gmail.
There is also some usefull addons/pluing for gmail that will let you cyberslack easier and faster!
Check this gmail plugins:

http://www.getgspace.com/ is a firefox addon that turns your Gmail account into powerful online storage tool. Now you can upload there stuff that you downloaded like movies etc.
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8450 complete integration of GReader into Gmail, speaking shortly helps to slack as hell!
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7429 makes Gmail, Google Docs and GCale pages and their intra-links to open by https aka secure connection. Speaking shortly admin of your network even while monitoring you, wont be able to see anything. Thats fun!

Okay enjoy your time in work! If You know more nice tools, leave comments.

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How to avoid trouble when computer crashes?

How often You get mad when You are abroad – on lets say business trip – and Your laptop crashes or You simple loose it? Or just computer hardware crashes and You loose desktop.

Fix computer when data is lost.

All the problems coming from this situation can be avoided tho. Using following list of sites You dont have to take Your personal computer anywhere. Im sure all bussiness related people will be very happy of this post. And i am sure it will save many people. Dont forget to show me some love for it !
Thanx to this post – Now every computer is Your personal ! All mentioned services are free, just like i usual do here.

1. http://www.passpack.com/info/home/ With this site you can save all your passwords and read em from any computer you access. Its like a password manager, automatic login and personal vault all in one! Save up to 100 entries for free!

2. http://www.calendarhub.com/ Okay so You have many business meeting but have no idea what and when. No problems! This online calendar You can access from anywhere and check what should be done. If you want add it also to your website or blog.

3. http://www.10minutemail.com If You need to get something fast on email and dont want some person to write to you anymore after that – here is the spot. No logins or accounts making needed. Just simple anynymous free email.

4. http://www.rarhost.com/ on this spot you can host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends. 150mb size limit per file, split archives allowed with no upload limit. Decent spot to share bigger things cut into smaller parts.

5. www.meetwithapproval.com So You need to make the meeting with people and You ae not sure with who and who will come. Use the site and i will arrange all for You. Its a great meeting planner.
melted computer

6. http://mozy.com/ With this site You can backup all the important stuff on your computer. A copy of your data is stored in a secure, remote location for safekeeping, so anytime You need You just get on the site and voila ! No need for special backup software.

7. http://www.greedyme.com/ Okay You wanted to buy presents or other stuff for Yourself or family and now You are in this big city full of shops but dont remember what it was. No problems, use Greedyme! Its a list of what did You want to get for example presents.

8. http://www.avvenu.com/ – Okay this is for other situation. You have Your computer at home with something You really need, and now You are abroad and cant find it. Use webinterface and get on Your computer with a internet browser. Simple as that! Remote access to computer without any trouble setting up.

9. http://www.eyeos.org/ Okay You found a computer to work on, now You need to make some documents and other stuff and You want to have them one place. Here it is! eyeOS is a new Operating System, where everything resides on a web browser. This is like a desktop in the browser which is available for You anytime You need it!

10. http://www.zoho.com This is really a combine of many many tools. Speaking shortly to have account there is like having internet work place. oho consists of things like – Online Word Processor, Spreadsheets Online, Online Presentation Tool, Online Note Taker, Online Organizer, Web Conferencing SOftware and more.

11. http://www.formassembly.com/time-tracker/ – And for the end. You have so much stuff to do, and so little time. You lost computer and need to redo all things, You are not sure if You gonna make it. No probles!
Time Tracker is a simple tool to keep track of the time you spend on any task. Think of it as a to-do-list with a clock, genious isnt it?!

Below is recommended product to fix all windows recovery and speed problems:

Boot up ANY computer, Repair Windows Problems.

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