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Nov 27, 2018 Posted in Fun by admin

11 reasons why girlfriend is better than computer

This is not Dating Agencys or Dating Match advertisment. I just lately read a funny post about why it is better to have computer than girlfriend. Well, so the blog is not fully nerd-geek type let`s hit the other side! I choosen number 11 because theres always 10 reasons. Let`s be original!

1. You can`t make computer naked. And even if You can, it surely won`t turn You on sexually.
2. Computer won`t make You dinner and won`t bring You beer.
3. You don`t need to wear glasses to look at the girlfriend and have any use of her.
4. If there is no electricity – girlfriend still works.
5. You can pure Whiskey on her and then lick it. With computer it might be problematic.

6. If You go with girlfriend to cinema and pay more attention to her than the movie nobodys gonna be saying that something is wrong with You.
7. If You speak about girl all the time ? You are lame. Still less lame than the ones speaking 24/7 about computers.
8. If You cheat on Your computer with another one ? there is no adrenaline or feeling of anything special. If You do that to girlfriend ? this is when fun part starts.

9. You have to upgrade computer from time to time and pay money for that. Girls You change for free.
10. Computer can`t call other computers to come around and have fun in bed.
11. Computer can memorize too much stuff that You rather want to be forgotten.

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Nov 23, 2018 Posted in Fun by admin

A funny geek joke i have heard lately.

Son: Dad what are you doing ?
D: Fixing my code from errors.
S: Why did you put there errors in the first place ?

Good one, almost one-liner.

kids are cute and fun - even with coding

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