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Dec 28, 2018 Posted in Windows Errors by admin

Symantec End Point Protection SBE – Firewall Driver Not Loaded, malfunctioning

If you got Symantec End Point Protection Small Business Enterprise version after clean install and update you may see “Firewall is Malfunctioning”, and when you point the mouse cursor to the SEP systray icon, it says “Firewall driver is not loaded“. Even if you reinstall or do other things it will stay like that. Therre is just one 100% working solution to Symantec End Point Protection Firewall Driver Not Loaded error.
Dont waste tiem readin forums to find a fix because as usual they are wrong and you will waste time rebotting.
The fix for SEP SBE to stop firewall malfunctioning and load the damn driver is :
1) Uninstall Symantec End Point Protection client from the Windows 7 or Windows XP machine
2) run-> regedit
3) Delete the following keys of SEP connected to Teefer3 driver


4) Reboot your Windows version
5) Reinstall Symantec End Point Protection Small Business Enterprise
6) Enjoy its SEPPSBE working and error was fixed 🙂

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