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Dec 1, 2018 Posted in Interesting gadgets by admin

Solution for WordPress 2.5 problems

 WordPress is a free blogging system. There are many templates for it and it has many options like calendar, archives, widgets etc.

Probably many of you noticed the new wordpress has some issues.  Many wordpress pluginsare not working – mainly speaking most of them. At least most that i use. The menu is problematic also, i prefer the old one.

So i did the wordpress upgrade and then site stopped working properly. Many templates are not working on
the new blog engine. Updating wordpress 2.0 to 2.5 is simple so i wont write how to do it. Especially that i suggest to redo-it. Okay and how?
Export the database of your blog to make sure nothing is lost. Well this move is obvious.
Then lets install the older version and patches to it. And you know what? Its almost impossible to find.
Hopefully ive had old version download wordpress 2.3.2. Then just install and import Your database. Voila.
To make sure there is no trouble with the ‘super new version’ i suggest to apply this – No update nag plugin
The post was short but concrete. If anybody has other ideas or other issues feel free to comment as usual.
I know the update will come soon, and the wordpress plugins will be updated also. But is it really worth it?

If You do not fix the WordPress api plugins and templates will not work.

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