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What are fototapety ?

Since some time many people ask me about what we have at home in Poland on walls. Some people call it murals, some wall stickers but this are just wallpapers.
They are very popular in europe, since they dont cost much and look decent.

Here is some “google translation” about wallpapers from best site i know with fototapety 🙂

Each product is available on our website, you can use as a wall mural on the wall to both:

najlepsze fototapetyLiving room, bathroom, hall, Offices and Kitchen and premises Public.

Your image can also be printed in the form of stickers on doors, furniture, wardrobe, fridge and also in the form of stickers under glass.

In the case of murals to be placed between the kitchen cabinets, we offer assistance free of charge to design solutions tailored to the individual needs of your kitchen.

You will have a direct impact on the final appearance of wallpapers.

1. Be in the comments (or deposit request to the following address: what you expect from the project, you can also attach a photo of your kitchen.
2. Schedule within 24 hours, will prepare for you a preview designed wallpapers and visualization of the kitchen after its installation.
3. Upon receipt of your approval of the project and payment for order, we will start implementation.
Delivery time takes approximately 5 working days.

The site is in polish but they do allow orders from worldwide so just use Chromes Google plugin and get some. Cheap shipping of wallstickers to Australia and Europe.

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